Agh… gurgle. FML, that took a while. But see, it was worth the wait! Another dumb cosplay comic! …er, sorry? Honestly, it was mainly an excuse to draw a super hero style page and I kinda got a bit carried away with the first three shots. But I think they turned out quite nice, so I’m making a nice big high-res version of them (top three) for this next months donation wallpaper. I still gotta make the composition, but I will have it ready by next week.

Eve was a good sport for not only remaining in amphibian state, but also letting me draw him as Red Mist, pretty much the lamest character in the movie. Though I hear he’s an ass in the comic. Captain Morgan tells me good things, so I’m going to go pick it up this week. Originally I thought the movie looked lame and was uninterested, but we went to go see it with Morgan anyway and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it. But I’m a consumer whore when it comes to most comic movie adaptations, so see it for yourself and judge. Oh, and it starts off light-ish and funny… but it is rated 18A for a reason. Nothing insanely shocking, but enough blood, cursing and a deadly eleven year old to warrant the rating I guess.

Why am I writing this right now?! I should be asleep =_=
I’ll be back later to complain about my week, I know you’re excited.