Yeah, late comic is late. I am sorry, I SWEAR IT!

Right now Metalshit, Ji, Han and I are all working at the same studio, so I thought I would do a little comic about that this week. Though They are all really hard workers (I’m too weak!), but I think it’s cute how they also like to play restaurant games on Facebook. <3 I’m too scared to start playing myself, it looks like too much of a commitment to manage… heh.

Anyway, back to work now.


Apparently I had nothing else important to say after I posted this last week… typical of me. I did remove the hideous skyscraper ad space to the right of the rant though, I couldn’t stand it anymore!  Poorly photoshoped ads aside, it was a big eyesore. So if anyone wants to still advertise on GDPG (thank you) I’ve added some new ad spots under the rant. See ya tomorrow!


PS. Jynx hates celery. That is all.