This week’s comic is the strange result of thinking about Smash Bros. and looking at the giant Samus cut-out on my wall. I also wanted to draw something violent (poor motivation, I know). Oh, and lets just pretend that they don’t know about Zero Suit yet. Right. I don’t know why Link was written to be such a dick, but it works for the comic I guess. Ironically he also tends to look like a girl at the best of times. Though I feel it could have been funnier if I adjusted the format a bit, ah well. There is something very satisfying about drawing characters getting punched… I’m not sure what it is. Also, Samus is awesome.

I have two things to quickly discuss. One, being that as of late (only twice though) it has been more difficult to make my Wednesday set deadline, as always real life gets in the way. And I only see this getting worse as I look for work. So I’m proposing to shift the weekly update period to between Tuesday and Thursday and post it whenever it’s finished. I feel this would allow me to not rush a comic as much and/or post crap like I have been prone to in the past.

Now this leads me to my second issue, posting crap. Over the last year I have been struggling to improve the writing of the comic, which was one of the main reasons for this project in the first place. And I feel that after the New Year, rather than putting in more effort and time like I had promised myself, I rushed it even more. I know lots of people still enjoy the comic even now (thank you), but my long-term goal is to make the scripting more concise, clever and maybe change the focus a bit. This is going to take a lot more effort on my part since I’m not a writer, and I have lots to learn still. So please be patient with me,  it can only get better though… right? >_> I probably shouldn’t have said that.

In other site news, I’m updating a new media page that will display teasers for the donation incentives. The purpose for this is so that people can choose whichever they would prefer to receive after donating. To me it seems only fair to give new readers the same selection. That being said, I probably wont have a new incentive each month but I will try and update them frequently. I also want to say thank you again to everyone who has generously donated so far, even that little bit has help.

Now, onto important news… YESSSSS, a release date! Eve finally has the beta now, and I’m pretty excited to try it even though I’m terrible. Kekeke!

I’ve been working more of the bio section, but since I’m a giant liar when it come to these things, I will promise nothing. If by a miracle something does get finish, I shall update it here.


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