Hey everyone, I’m not dead yet. I was aiming to have this up on Sunday, sorry about that. Thanks for waiting! I also spent time working on some 3d for this page only to have it mostly covered in the end. Ah well. This is just a random alternate story I planned out when sketching last week and now have a mini arch prepared. I’m hoping everyone will still enjoy it.

This is just the title/splash page, so it’s not that funny, and mostly an intro to the characters. Right now I’m using alternate versions of Jynx and Captain Morgan, with more fun characters twists in the coming weeks. I felt this would be a fun change of pace for a bit since things are busy for me right now. It’s all in good fun, and who doesn’t like pirates and ninjas?!

Oh, and for this week’s poll I’m trying to gather info on which pins I should make to sell at conventions/online this year. So if you like GDPG and pins please vote. Thanks!