Sandwich?! Waaaaat (It’s pickle and cheese).  I am never trusted to fix things around here, even when I can.  hehe

Thanks for waiting on this comic, I know the updates have been a bit sporadic but I think thats just how it gonna be until I find a regular work routine. I’m still struggling with my busted ass computer, I eagerly await the day when it will be replaced with a new capable machine. Mmmm. I also try not to leave food in my computer… -_- but I haven’t been very nice to it over the years. It’s way overworked, and will explode one day. heh.

In other news, I’m now 100% confirmed to have a table at Anime Evolution this year. I was on the wait list for months, so I’m quite happy they were able to add more tables. Since I still have to prepare the prints and other goodies to sell, I’m not sure all my cosplay dreams will be realized this year. But I’ll still give it a shot *fist in air* Metalshit will also be at the table, so stop by and say hi. If anyone has any merch requests or ideas, feel free to email them to me or post it on the forum. Thanks!