This week’s comic was written by Ryan. Him and Captain Morgan have been avidly waiting for Red Dead Redemption, and it’s finally been released. There’s not much to the comic plot wise, but I did have fun drawing it. Normally I sketch and ink the comics digitally, but this week I dusted off my ink and quills and drew it the old fashion way. I think I’ll do this more often since my drawing always seem more stiff when done 100% on the computer. I’m also a bit out of practice. >_> Here’s the line art for anyone who’s interested.

Other than that, I added the donation page to the top menu bar and am slowly making progress on the other pages (bio, faq, links and maybe commissions). I am SO slow.

This week we also started our Evangelion cosplay. The plug suits are going to be very tight, yet another costume I wont be able to breath in. The Predator skin looked pretty good, so I’m hoping it will be ok. Perhaps those push-ups will come in handy. I’m also looking forward to the challenge of making the Eva mechs. I might have some pictures for next week.