So I decided to make a sappy-ish comic today since I rarely show the softer side of Jynx and Eve’s relationship. It can sometimes be hard to believe, but they do have one. Our anniversary was last week, though like the comic it was not fancy. I think it’s more fun this way. But what wasn’t fun, was that I experience heartburn for the first time after eating super spicy Korean seafood. Delicious, but deadly. >_<

For the record, there was no sighing/blushing or sparkles from Eve when discussing our plans (his eyes in the last panel kinda scare me…). But I’m sure he still appreciates having a geeky lady who wanted nothing more than to watch Sam Worthington rip apart monsters for an hour and a half. I know many people are hating on the movie, but I actually enjoyed it. This also could be because I have a hardon for Greek mythology and went into the movie knowing it was going to be a bad ‘film’. But I was still entertained and enjoyed the stylized 3D and puppet work. I also thought Ralph Fiennes made a great Hades.

I have never wanted to play God of War III more than after watching this movie though. I haven’t had much time to play it recently, but I am making progress. It’s great to play when I’m feeling frustrated or stressed.

Here is a picture of my new birthday WoW plushies from the other week. I love them very much.


Speaking of birthday’s, Metalshit had hers last week. I brought her cheesecake, Mmmm.

I feel like I haven’t written much in weeks and now I have all these dumb things I want to write about. I will limit my rambling though, as I still have things to work on. *Cough* April’s donation wallpaper which will probably be extended for May as well. I’ve added the button for anyone who would still like to donate. Please let me know if you would prefer a past incentive or would like to wait for the April wallpaper. Thanks!


PS. Watch the newest South Park. It’s pretty amusing if you have Facebook or like Tron. <3