First and foremost this comic is messed up and not really what I had originally intended. These are the kind of dumb things I make characters say in my head as I play games, it can actually gets a lot worse than this. But I wont go into that right now… I think mainly people who have played the games and/or are familiar with the characters will understand some of the rambling up there.

Yeah, so maybe bad comic is better than no comic? I’m not entirely sure. Oh well, it’s been a very hectic day and I can no longer improve upon it. I must slumber! Contract work tomorrow and then watching How to Train Your Dragon. >_<

I have more stuff to post in the next day or two. I’m sorry!


Edit – Whoa, totally forgot it was April fools already (being 1:30 am), can’t wait to see what Blizzard does this year. *Shivers at deviantart and the mass Twilight avatars* T_T Why?

Edit 2 – Happy Chocolate Bunny Day ^^Posting a dumb “Bunnychu” sketch and my new WoW title. Eve and I finished it first thing this morning, it was a pretty easy achievement. Oh, and just like IRL I’m a BEAST at finding eggs. /flex

bunnychu noblegardener

Be back Wednesday. <3