Ok, so I guess this is the first comic. The sites not even finished and looks kinda like crap, but it’s gotta start somewhere. It’s also my Birthday today, huzzah! So all the more reason to celebrate. I’m now older and less stable, perhaps both these things will inspire me to be more witty and creative, though it’s doubtful.

This comic was to act as a intro of sorts, to present the general premise and character of the stories to come. Most of the comics are based off of my real-life experiences as a female gamer, which at times can be fairly amusing. The games mentioned in this comic are my two current vices. Number one being the plague as my friend affectionately calls it, and a little something I like to use to blow off some steam if need be.

Dr. Mario is mentioned for the mere fact that I am very good at it. And this ancient little Nintendo gem seems to be the only game that I can adequately best my fiance at, who in all respects is a much better and dedicated gamer than myself. Though because playing and designing games is not my only interests I must find a balance, which can be somewhat frustrating when you need to grind honor or run heroics. Oh well, I managed so far, slowly…

<3 Jynx